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Our advantages

Our strengths are flexible, attentive response capabilities that make it possible to respond to any customer's needs in international logistics services by taking advantage of our high-quality in-house facilities and a wide range of networks.
In-house Facilities

In-house Facilities

While the operations in port logistics and international logistics operations are mostly allocated to each specialized company which is a warehouse trader, a drayage transporter, a customs broker, a forwarding agent and others, DAIDO TRANS-PLANET can perform almost all of the business by itself, not depending on others. For example, in the case of exporting;

In-house Facilities
1. Picking up cargo and delivery to the warehouse
2. Booking Shipment
3. Temporary storage and loading to container
4. Handling LCL cargo
5. Customs Clearance
6. Drayage to container yard
7. Transport by sea delivery to overseas

All the operations described above can be handled by ourselves. By doing so, it is possible to quickly and flexibly respond to customers' detailed requests and sudden changes, as well as ensuring preservation of the cargo and confidentiality of information.

That leads to outstanding reputation and trust for our company from the customers. We have currently business with many customers dealing in auto parts, food supply, precision equipment, apparel, general goods supply etc. (In Particular) the container drayage service is our most advantageous business because of its competent transportation capacities at Yokohama Port and Tokyo Port.

One-Stop Service

One-Stop Service

For each request from customers, we provide international logistics service suited for industry type, products and items, by our experienced logistics specialists with broad network.


EXPORT [輸出貨物の場合]


IMPORT [輸入貨物の場合]
Synergy effect with Group Company

Synergy effect with Group Company

In 2000, our company became a group company of Sun Intelnet Co.,Ltd., a domestic comprehensive logistics service provider. Sun Intelnet, which specializes in logistics and distribution systems in Japan, and DAIDO TRANS-PLANET, which specializes in port logistics and international logistics, can demonstrate high synergistic effect as a group company.

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