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Health-Focused Management

DAIDO TRANS-PLANET promotes Health-Focused Management

DAIDO TRANS-PLANET promotes Health-Focused Management based on the belief that physical and mental health of our employees is one of the most important issues of management.

Yokohama Health and productivity

Yokohama Health and productivity

We have been certified as “CLASS A” to Yokohama Health and productivity.We will keep considering that our employees’ health is one of the important management resources and we aim to be a company where our employees can work vibrantly.

Declaration of Health-Focused Management

DAIDO TRANS-PLANET considers that it is the keystone of company's development and important responsibility that all employees stay both physically and mentally healthy, they can show their skills and individuality,and they can work vibrantly and actively. In order to realize our philosophy (Mission) as "We will continue to be a company that all employees and their families are proud of", we proclaim that we promote Health-Focused Management to ensure our employees' safety and health, comfortable work environment, and work-life balance.

Guidelines for action

1. We support our employees in keeping healthy and promote comfortable work environment.
2. Our employees aim to have fulfilling life by taking care of their health and trying to maintain their health.
3. Based on of Health-Focused Management , we make efforts to improve productivity and creativity for our company's development.

Promotion structure

Placing our president as a manager of Health-Focused Management , Human Resources & General Affairs members take a leading place of health promotion cooperating with Health Insurance association and occupational health physicians.

Major Initiatives

1. Fulfilling health care
All of our employees take annual medical checkup, and if wanted, they can also take detailed test items covering more than mandatory items. For the employees who are required to take re-examination or specific health guidance, we recommend them to have a medical examination at medical facility for early detection and treatment.

2. Measures for overwork
We aim to grasp employees' working hours correctly, restrict long working hours, and recommend taking annual paid leaves in order to keep their work-life balance.

3. Making comfortable work environment
We conduct self-reporting system and employees satisfaction survey for office workers so that we can grasp our employees' motivation, mental health, and the factors which influence them (such as work environment, work system, career consciousness, personal relationships), and the employees can perform the best of their potential. We give feedback to each department and improve work environment considering the results.

4. Promoting mental health
We support our employees' mental health promotion so that they can stay mentally healthy and can feel that working at our company is rewarding. Also, for highly stressed employees, we conduct personal interview and refer them to specialized agencies to care as soon as possible. In addition, cooperating with occupational health physicians, managers, and Human Resources members, we maintain support system in order to support their return to work smoothly.

5. Measures against smoking
In order to reduce the harm by smoking which has a significant impact on our health, we promote measures to prevent passive smoking. We share information about the harms caused by smoking and passive smoking on company's bulletin board.

6. Occupational Safety and Health activities
Safety and Health committee has been working on Occupational Safety and Health activities aiming to make safer and more comfortable work environment.

7. Measures against COVID-19
Under the circumustances of COVID-19 pandemic and new normal, we work on below things in order to balance employees' health and productivity.
(1) Take measures against infectious disease continuously (ventilate regularly, sanitize, stock up mask and sanitizer, cultivate infection prevention and warnings)
(2) Recommend flexible work style(remote work, staggered working hours, online meeting)
(3) Health care (maintaining healthy lifestyle, measures against stress, care for the employees with high risk of infectious disease)

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