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For being a company chosen as customers’ partner of international business and global management in future, too
For being a company chosen as customers’ partner of international business and global management in future, to

Now it's a world where you can buy products from all over the world with only one smartphone. There is no doubt that the Internet made it possible, but without the development of a logistics system, it would never happen that goods from all over the world arrive at hand. The logistics of shipping has been said to have begun with the Phoenicians who were active in the Mediterranean trade in the 12th century BC. The history of the world economy is also the history of international logistics development. The Netherlands in the 17th century, the UK which developed the industrial revolution in the 19th century. Both brought to innovation in logistics which contributed to the breakthrough development of the economy. In the 20th century, the emergence of containers seamlessly connected the logistics of overland and sea paths, which had a major impact on the supply chain of manufacturing industry and our life as a consumer.

Our company was founded in Naka-ku Yokohama City in 1941. Around that time we carried out port handling and port transport for mainly exporting food and raw silk overseas and helped Japan to be an international player. Since then, based in Yokohama, we have been involved in port logistics and international logistics work for more than 70 years, and have supported customers’ trade expansion and globalization from the side.

Our business domain mentioned above will not change in future. Our mission is "DAIDO TRANS-PLANET contributes to the future of logistics and society by providing excellent services which give customers satisfaction and trust with our motto, “safety, certainty, and carefulness” as a Portal Company of international logistics. We will continue to be a company that all employees involved in that accomplishment and their families are proud of.” In order to fulfill this mission, we will dedicate our best effort, work hard on ingenuity, and continue to challenge. We look forward to your continued support in the future.

Tsuyoshi Kato
President & CEO

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