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Corporate Principle

Our Corporate Principle consists of three elements: Mission,
Policy and Value.


DAIDO TRANS-PLANET contributes to the future of logistics and society by providing excellent services which give customers satisfaction and trust with our motto, “safety, certainty, and carefulness” as a Portal Company of international logistics. We will continue to be a company that all employees involved in that accomplishment and their families are proud of

※Portal Company is a coined word from portal site. Portal is derived from port, which means "gateway" or "entrance".

Mission is the foundation of our Corporate Principle. Our mission explains what our company is for, what our business is for, what we should achieve (what value we provide to our society).

Management Policies

The Management Policies explain our 9 basic management ideas that we commit ourselves to implement to our stakeholders to achieve our mission.

01. Value creation We strive to continually devise ingenuity, deliver quality services to meet our customers’ needs at the reasonable price, by taking advantage of our superior own assets and wide range of networks.
02. Safety first As a logistics company, we comply with laws, put primary emphasis on safety and zero-accident and ensure safety.
03. Organization with a lot of energy We respect the personalities and diversity of all our employees and create an open and energetic workplace based on mutual trust.
04. Equal opportunity We provide dedicated, motivated and talented employees with equal opportunity for study, growth and promotion.
05. Coexistence and Co‐prosperity We strive for trusted relationship and mutual prosperity with our business partners.
06. Fair and transparent We comply with laws, adhere to high ethical standards and conduct business with fairness and transparency.
07 Flexibility We are committed to think globally, be innovative, speedy and flexible.
08. Sustainable growth We try to develop both in the short-term and in the long-term and aim for sustainable growth.
09. Green management We conduct our business in a manner that is responsive to our environment. We work to improve our environmental performance.

Our Values

Our core values and code of conduct

We would like to share our values, explained in 16 codes of conduct that our employees constantly practice in daily work. We created it ourselves. It may seem that there are a lot of numbers, but because of discussions that we should cover all the important values that we should share in our work, it has become this number. We use this "code of conduct" as a practical tool for becoming a business person who produces outcomes, not just as a form of simply memorizing it. For that reason, each employee reflects his / her behavior on a daily basis in light of this "code of conduct” and uses it for his / her own growth.

01. Indignity We treat everyone with courtesy and respect, step ourselves into other people's shoes and sincerely respond.
02. Proactive We realize our roles and responsibilities, actively think and act on their own.
03. Think outside the box We think unconventionally, expand our perspective, think outside the box and continue to improve our work.
04. Positive thinking We do not think why we cannot do it, but we think about how we can do it, propose and carry it out.
05. Best performance We always do our best and achieve results beyond expectations without giving up easily.
06. Challenge We are not afraid of failure and continue to challenge difficult tasks with willingness and spirit.
07. Teamwork We enjoy work with our colleagues, trust each other, share wisdom, work together and produce results.
08. Communication We listen to various opinions, have the same goal by frank discussion and work together.
09. Openness We share important information including mistakes and failures and enhance problem solving skills.
10. Self responsibility We do not shift the blame onto others or the environment, but we value humbleness and reflections that we have cause for ourselves.
11. Learning & growths We take everything as an opportunity to learn, encourage self-study and grow continuously.
12. Productivity We value time management, eliminate waste, be cost- conscious and increase work productivity. To that end, we prioritize tasks according to their importance and urgency and concentrate on what to do.
13. Pursue the essence We always have a sense of purpose, ask ourselves "why" repeatedly and try to understand the core part of problems.
14. 3S We create a suitable work environment by thoroughly implementing "SEIRI = Sorting, SEITON = Set-in-order, SEISO = Shining (Cleaning)" methodology.
15. Safety & Reliability As your logistics partner, we always try to do "safe, reliable, careful" job and never cause an accident.
16. Discipline Not only do we comply with laws, but we observe our company's rules and behave in a sensible manner.

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