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Zero trouble declaration of DAIDO TRANS-PLANET

DAIDO TRANS-PLANET aims for zero trouble and is tackling various safety activities with everyone in the company as one.

G Mark

Our company is certified of “safe and excellent office (G mark)” at all of transportation offices. G mark is a system which values tacking such as traffic safety policy and so on and certifies offices which clear certain standard.

What is G mark

What is G mark?

G mark system is an authorization system of “safe and excellent office” whom Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport promotes, it’s a guide for choosing safer trucking business. Percentage of accidents by offices certifies of G mark is less than a half of offices not certified. Trucking business conductors given G mark are permitted to attach a stacker of “safe and excellent office” (G mark stacker) as evidence of being given certification of safe and excellent office.

How to obtain G mark

It’s required to pass the test by the rationalization operation implementing agency (Japan Trucking Association) in each prefecture. Valuation is conducted by the following three items, for passing, it’s required to obtain total eighty points, and in each valuation item, more than standard points:

①If it’s complying laws of safety (forty points): adequate operation management, running, vehicle management and so on
②Condition of accidents or violation (forty points): condition of serious accident, violation, and administrative disposition
③How it’s active in tackling safety (twenty points): conduction of initiative education and safety measure discussion which lead to safe running

Safety Management For Transportation

DAIDO TRANS-PLANET decides on safety basic policy, based on it, every year, determines underlined policy and goal for tackling conducting transport safety management. Through regular employees training, campaign for enlightenment and so on, we promote continuous safety securing.


Basic policy for safety

①Top management deeply recognizes that securing transport safety is management central and satisfies leading role of securing transport safety.
②Each employee becomes the parties concerned, by participation by all members, conducts maintaining and improving activities for securing safety.
③We make a goal regarding securing transport safety and a plan for achieving the goal, are sure to conduct the cycle of doing, checking, improving and tackle transport safety improving.

Priority policy of the year 2021

①Renewal of G mark
②Being complete of establishing in-house communications system regarding safe transport and sharing information through meeting committee structure and so on
③Necessary corrective actions and preventive measures as for safe transport such as setting accident prevention strengthening weeks and months and so on
④Actively and effectively conducing spending costs and investing and so on regarding safe transport (blind area camera monitor, GPS and so on)
⑤Promotion of healthy management


Goal of the year 2021

Zero serious accident
Zero injury accident
Zero vehicle accident
Zero traffic accident resulting in property damage
Compliance and safe transport

Other Initiatives

DAIDO TRANS-PLANET is tackling various things for securing safety and high quality for preventing accidents of our customers’ precious cargo in warehouse operation.

Our tackling as for securing safety and quality in warehouse operation

Our tackling as for securing safety and quality in warehouse operation

・Being complete of "SEIRI = Sorting, SEITON = Set-in-order, SEISO = Shining (Cleaning)" methodology in warehouse
・Being complete of basic actions (forklift truck operation, calling each other and sharing information)
・Being complete of checking before start of work and before operation
・Conduction of risk prediction activity and near-miss activity
・Being complete of warehouse management such as fire prevention and so on
・Joining in education training and so on sponsored by warehouse association
・Creation of a workplace environment for easiness to work for employees and so on

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