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We are logistics professionals who support Japanese society. Our company is a workplace that values open communication and cherishes its colleagues.

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Transportation is an important job that supports society by delivering necessary items to those who need them. No matter how much the internet or artificial intelligence develops, we can lead a comfortable life because someone is delivering goods to us properly.
Our company mainly transports export and import goods using sea container trailers and trucks from Yokohama and Tokyo ports. Ports may have a rough image, but our company places emphasis on compliance and prioritizes driver safety and health. We offer stable salaries and create a workplace where employees can work with peace of mind for a long time. Your families can also feel secure. We also have a friendly work environment where honest people can work comfortably. We want to continue to value this company culture in the future.

Interview Employees interview.

  • Logistics Business Department, Transportation Section. K. Matsunaga

    I joined the company as a driver and have stepped up to a management position, now overseeing the entire team.

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  • Logistics Business Department, Transportation Section. M. Kosuga

    I am committed to ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment for everyone, primarily by managing detailed day-to-day data such as sales and attendance records.

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  • Logistics Business Department, Transportation Section. N. Nakazato

    I think our company is one that encourages employees to cooperate with each other and is also friendly to women who can balance work and child-rearing.

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  • Transportation Section, Driver. Y. Horino

    This company is supportive of achieving a work-life balance and is also considerate of employees with children, making it a family-friendly workplace.

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  • Transportation Section, Driver. H. Haga

    It is a comfortable environment where it is easy to communicate with other departments.

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  • Transportation Section, Driver. S. Kurosaki

    I work closely with the dispatch team and place great importance on sharing information with those around me.

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  • Transportation Section, Driver. K. Aoki

    I have reached my 35th year in a friendly workplace completely free from power harassment and emotional abuse.

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