Our one-stop international logistics services as an asset-based forwarder strongly support your import/export business and supply chain.

We leverage our high-quality assets and extensive network to propose and implement the optimal international logistics flow. Our strength lies in our flexible and attentive responsiveness, which enables us to meet any customer requirement.


There are many steps involved in delivering goods from Japan to overseas, or from overseas to Japan, until they reach the customer’s hands. In most cases, these steps are divided among various companies, such as warehouse operators, transportation companies, port operators, customs brokers, and forwarding companies. However, we utilize our own hardware and software capabilities to manage all of these processes comprehensively, and handle almost all tasks in-house.
This allows us to assemble the optimal logistics flow at a reasonable cost and offer it to customers as a one-stop service. We are also able to respond quickly and flexibly to customers’ detailed requirements and sudden changes.

Our services

International Transportation, Export/Import Customs Clearance, Warehousing and Storage, and Transportation and Delivery.

We offer a complete range of international logistics services primarily based on four functions: International Transportation, Export/Import Customs Clearance, Warehousing and Storage, and Transportation and Delivery.

  1. Service1

    International Transportation

    As an NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) , we will provide a comprehensive Door to Door transport service for a wide range of cargo by combining multiple modes of transport such as ocean, air, and land transportation in collaboration with overseas agents in various countries worldwide. We will tailor our services according to our full understanding of our customers’ needs.

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  2. Service2

    Export/Import Customs Clearance

    Our experienced specialized staff will handle various cases related to exports and imports on behalf of our customers, including export/import declaration and customs inspection. We will take care of complex export/import procedures, including customs clearance, and provide precise solutions and consulting tailored to the type of cargo.

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  3. Service3

    Warehousing and Storage

    We offer a range of warehousing services, including cargo handling, storage, inventory management, and value-added services such as consolidation, from our own bonded warehouse located at Yokohama Port Daikoku Wharf, which serves as a hub for international logistics. We tailor our services to the characteristics of each cargo to ensure optimal storage and handling.

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  4. Service4

    Transportation and Delivery

    Mainly starting from Keihin Port, we provide safe, reliable, and courteous transportation and delivery services (including ocean container transportation and truck transportation) from Kanto and neighboring prefectures to various locations throughout Japan, using our abundant fleet of company-owned vehicles and chassis, as well as a network of cooperative companies throughout the country.

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Daido Trans-Planet, we are committed to initiatives related to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

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