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The environment of the Logistics field is entireing a period of great change There are many issues in fulfilling social responsibility, such as working hours, environmental problems, and labor shortages, and it is difficult to handle logistics with the rules that the industry has created so far.
By facing and adapting to these issues, we will play a role in protecting the lives of people living in the island nation of Japan through the important function of logistics.
On the other hand, with the expansion of international supply chains, the role of logistics has become increasingly important and has become indispensable for the development of the global economy, but the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted supply chain vulnerabilities.
In order to reduce such risks, it is necessary to build a more diversified supply chain, and we will respond to these issues by focusing on building a global network, introducing technology, and improving services.

Our company has designated ‘a logistics business that seamlessly connects Japan and overseas starting from the port’ as our business domain. Our company was founded in 1948, with our main business being transportation and customs clearance of export cargo at Keihin Port. Since then, we have expanded our business to include sea container transport, warehousing, forwarding, and other services in response to the development of domestic and international trade and the economy. Currently, we have set the vision (medium to long-term goal) of becoming a compact and highly profitable asset-based international logistics company, and are working to address various challenges to achieve this.

We aim to become not just a big company, but a good and strong company. In other words, a company that plays an important role in our customers’ global supply chain and value chain. A company where talented individuals can work lively regardless of gender and age. A company that is committed to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and provides social value. As a result, we aim to become a highly profitable company with a strong financial foundation. We strive to achieve this goal.

The main actors are each and every employee. At our company, we place great importance on values and behavior standards such as showing respect to others and responding sincerely in any situation, taking initiative to think and act on one’s own, striving to be creative without adhering to precedents, taking responsibility without blaming others, and pursuing the essence of things. This is because even as digitalization and AI progress and transform the way we work, humans will continue to account for the large share of value creation. 

We will keep working on improving our business model through human capital management to benefit all stakeholders in the long run. Our challenges will continue. 

Mamoru Ikeda

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