Announcement of measures against Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) (1)

NEWS 2020-02-28

Due to the spread of Novel Coronavirus, we take below measures to prevent infection and to ensure the safety of our staffs.


(1) Encouragement of staggered working hours
We encourage our staffs who commute by public transportation to take staggered working hours in order to avoid rush hour.

(2)Prohibition of overseas business trip
As a general rule, we don’t allow our staffs to go on a business trip to overseas during the period.

(3)Other precautions
We make sure that all staffs do everything we can do to protect ourselves,
such as sanitizing with alcohol, washing hands carefully, gargling, avoiding crowded place.

From February 28th, 2020 to March 31st, 2020.

*After the period above, we will decide how to deal with by considering the situation.

Useful information

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