With regard to our actions after the state of emergency over COVID-19 has been lifted

NEWS 2021-03-22

The government has lifted the state of emergency in Japan on March 21.
Our company will continue to take measures below by prioritizing safety of our employees, their families, customers, and our partners.

・Office workers work from home or take staggered working hours as much as possible, considering the impact on business continuity.
・For meetings or business trip, we will pay attention to minimize the number of attendance, reduce the time of meetings, avoid Three Cs (closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact settings), and contact by telephone or online meeting instead of meeting in person as much as we can.
・We sanitize our office with alcohol thoroughly.
・We take our temperature with non-contact thermometer and do health check when to arrive at office.
・As a general rule, we refrain from working after 8pm.

Useful information

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