Transportation & Delivery

We respond to a wide range of customer needs with a rich fleet of our own vehicles and a network of cooperative companies, based on the motto of “safety, reliability, and attentiveness”.

We have operational bases located in Keihin ports (Tokyo Port and Yokohama Port), and offer optimal logistics services tailored to our customers’ needs by utilizing ocean container transport and truck transport to connect various places such as customer locations, our logistics center, association warehouses, inland depots, and ocean container terminals.

We are seeking cooperative companies who can undertake transportation and delivery services. For more information and consultation, please contact our logistics division transportation department.


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We have confidence in our ocean container transport (drayage) services!

The benefits of using our company = Our strengths
  1. Track record and trust

    Our company’s original business is port transportation. For over 70 years, we have been engaged in the transportation of import and export cargo as a port transportation company at the Keihin Port. The strong trust from our customers built over many years is a valuable asset and strength of our company. As we have done in the past, we will continue to provide high-quality transportation services at reasonable rates.

  2. Strong transportation capacity and proposal power

    Our strong transportation capacity and proposal power, built on a diverse lineup of our own vehicles and a strong network of cooperative companies, is second to none. We can provide transportation and delivery services to a wide range of areas, from short-distance to long-distance transport, for any type of cargo according to our customer’s needs.”

  3. Convenient location and efficient dispatch system

    We have transportation bases located at Yokohama Port and Tokyo Port, and we can also access Kawasaki Port as an intermediate point. We utilize vehicle location information and terminal reservation systems to enable smooth loading and unloading of cargo.

Our services

Ocean Container Transport (Drayage)

Based on the know-how cultivated since the early days of containerization, our skilled drivers perform safe transportation of ocean containers through compliance with regulations. We provide high-quality services with compliance to G-mark (Excellent Safety Management Company) and Green Management Certification (environmental conservation). We make various proposals utilizing our abundant fleet of vehicles (heads and chassis) and the mobility provided by our network of cooperative companies.

Truck Transport

We have established a network that can provide customers with a variety of vehicle types tailored to their needs, including the utilization of vehicles from our group company SANNET. We transport a wide range of items including food, groceries, automotive parts, machinery parts, heavy objects, refrigerated and frozen goods. We aim to transport anything that can be transported, and strive to meet our customers’ expectations by enhancing our hardware and software on a daily basis. We transport various cargos according to the needs of our customers with the motto of “safety, reliability, and attentiveness”.

Transportation capacity (number of vehicles)

tractor heads total 65
In-house owned vehicles
30 vehicles
Our partner company vehicles
35 vehicles
trailer chassis
total 160
75 vehicles
20ft 3-axle.
22 vehicles
44 vehicles
40ft 3-axle.
17 vehicles
40ft 3-axle chassis-mounted MG (Motor Generator)
1 vehicles
20ft 2-axle chassis-mounted MG (Motor Generator)
1 vehicles
total 5
Large-size increased tonnage wing.
2 vehicles
Large-size increased tonnage flatbed body.
1 vehicles
4-ton wing truck
2 vehicles

In addition, we can handle nationwide transportation, including major and regional ports, using tractor heads and trucks from 106 partner companies.

Efforts to improve safety and productivity.

  • ◎We achieve improved transportation safety and productivity with thorough management.

    We put efforts to engage in various safety activities, such as conducting daily inspections, implementing labor management to prevent accidents caused by driver fatigue, conducting pre-driving checks that include alcohol checks, conducting safety meetings, and providing health management guidance. Additionally, all vehicles are equipped with cloud-based digital tachographs with drive recorders installed, in order to be prepared for any accidents that may occur, and to promote safe and efficient driving among our drivers at all times, thereby working to ensure safety and improve productivity.

  • ◎All vehicles equipped with a drive recorder and a digital tachograph.

    All vehicles are equipped with drive recorders and cloud-based digital tachographs, enabling real-time monitoring of the status of delivery vehicles. This has improved the accuracy of time and operation management, resulting in improved customer service and productivity. In addition, we use performance data to provide instruction and education on safe driving and low fuel-efficient driving, and have achieved significant results.

  • ◎Implementation of external training and maintenance training by external instructors

    We regularly hold driver training sessions and daily inspection seminars hosted by the Trucking Association, as well as maintenance training seminars conducted by various truck manufacturers as part of our accident prevention measures. We also regularly conduct simple driving diagnosis using Access Checker as part of our efforts to prevent accidents.

Measures for safety

Case Study

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