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We updated below content of our website.
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・Revamping “International Multimodal Transport” page
・Adding “Health-Focused Management” page
With regard to lifting the state of emergency over COVID-19

The government lifted the state of emergency for all areas in Japan on May 25.
Based on the government’s intention as “lifting the restrictions of social and economic activities in phases and creating new life of Covid-19 era”, we will continue remote work and staggered working hours for the time being.

Our company provides logistics service which is essential to social infrastructures,
so even under these circumstances, we have been continuing our business and taking any measures to prevent infection.

By considering our staffs’ health and safety first, we will continue to deal with the matters flexibly by following the government’s policy.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
Announcement of measures against Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) (3)

Based on a state of emergency extended, we decided to let our employees work from home until May 31st.

We will continue to work as usual by taking any measures to prevent infection and to ensure the safety of our staffs.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.
Announcement of measures against Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) (2)

Based on a state of emergency declared this week, we decided to encourage our employees to work from home to cope with both avoiding the risk of infection and continuing business at the same time.

Our company is based on logistics which is one of the social infrastructures.
We are operating normally as much as we can to maintain supply chain, but at the same time we are taking any measures to prevent infection as well.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we appreciate for your understanding.

(1)The employees working from home:
The employees who are commuting by public transport and possible to work from home.

(2)Period of time:
From April 8th to May 6th,2020 (during the period of the state of emergency)
Announcement of measures against Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) (1)

Due to the spread of Novel Coronavirus, we take below measures to prevent infection and to ensure the safety of our staffs.


(1) Encouragement of staggered working hours
We encourage our staffs who commute by public transportation to take staggered working hours in order to avoid rush hour.

(2)Prohibition of overseas business trip
As a general rule, we don’t allow our staffs to go on a business trip to overseas during the period.

(3)Other precautions
We make sure that all staffs do everything we can do to protect ourselves,
such as sanitizing with alcohol, washing hands carefully, gargling, avoiding crowded place.

 From February 28th, 2020 to March 31st, 2020.

*After the period above, we will decide how to deal with by considering the situation.
Our New Year’s Holiday

We thank you for always giving us your patronage.
We are sorry for the inconvenience, but our office will be closed during below period due to the New Year’s Holiday.

From: Sat., Dec. 29, 2018
To: Sun., Jan. 06, 2019
*Transportation department is open until Sat., Dec. 29, 2018.

Thank you for your understanding.
We updated G mark(safe and excellent office).
We will always deliver your cargo on the principle of safety first.
The official home page for DAIDO TRANS-PLANET Corporation has been completely redone.
You can also view this homepage on a smart phone or tablet.
We greatly appreciate your patronage, and we hope to continue to have the opportunity to serve you in the future.
We incorporated customs clearance operations into Yokohama Office.
Licensed for Freight Forwarding business.
Relocation of our head office
Address of new head office: 2F, Keihan-Yokohama Bldg.(formerly Nihon-Seimei Yokohama Honcho Bldg.), 2-22 Hon-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa 231-0005, Japan
TEL. : +81-45-641-8031