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Working in a warehouse is the core of international logistics, and it is a wide-ranging and challenging job. Why don’t you aim to be a logistics professional with us?

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When it comes to warehouses, you may have an image of something dull and gloomy, but that’s not the case with our company. It’s a workplace where you can work with a smile and feel comfortable in a bright atmosphere. It’s also a flat workplace where everyone respects each other and can exchange opinions.
It’s an important job of taking care of our customers’ valuable products and supporting international logistics. Everyone works with great care and prioritizes safety. We would be delighted to have individuals who can grow with our company and work sincerely with our team members.

Interview Employees Interview

  • Logistics Division Warehouse Section K. Motoyanagi

    We aim to become an even more attractive international logistics warehouse with a sense of mission in holding our customers' valuable cargo.

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  • Logistics Division Warehouse Section Y. Yamanaka

    I arrange and coordinate closely with my colleagues to ensure safe operations on a daily basis for various tasks that I am assigned to.

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  • Logistics Division Warehouse Section Y. Miyamoto

    I want to gain various experiences proactively, learn office work, and aim to become a leader in the warehouse department in the future.

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  • Logistics Division Warehouse Section Y. Kamiya

    I am the youngest in my workplace, but it is a very easy environment to work in where I can feel comfortable asking for advice from my colleagues.

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  • Logistics Division Warehouse Section A. Ajiki

    I always try to be cheerful and energetic, and enjoy both work and my private life. That's my motto.

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  • Logistics Division Warehouse Section M. Nakama

    I changed my job from an office position to a manual labor job, and now I work hard every day operating a forklift.

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