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Case Study of a Natural Wine Specialty Store

International transport 2023-06-07

Achieving cost-effective temperature-controlled transportation between Europe and Yokohama!

The company owner discovered unique natural wines from the Cologne region in Germany and the Centre region in France through personal visits. It was their first time importing directly to their own company, and it was also the first time for each winery to export overseas. They wanted to ensure that the wines were safely transported to Japan no matter what. As the import would involve multiple wineries from two countries, they were looking for a transportation method that could minimize costs.
Leveraging our expertise in international logistics and extensive network, we were able to solve the customer's challenges and safely deliver their precious wines to their hands.

Resolving customer issues with our unique solutions

By consolidating the collection points from multiple locations to two locations, we were able to reduce domestic transportation costs for local cargo pick-up. In addition, by using regular dry containers with keep thermofilm for temperature control instead of expensive reefer containers, we were able to significantly reduce sea transportation costs between France and Japan.Furthermore, by unloading at the port of Yokohama, it made devanning and cargo storage in our company’s warehouse easier, and also saved on domestic transportation costs as the customer is located in Kanagawa prefecture.

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