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Emergency Import for a Medical Device Trading Company

International transport 2023-06-06

Swift multi-modal transport to accommodate transport between France and Hokkaido.

The customer requires transportation of medical devices from a medical device manufacturer in France to an end user in Hokkaido, Japan. They need a cost-effective solution, but also require strict adherence to delivery deadlines with a Just-In-Time approach.
Leveraging our network, we manage the entire process from local pick-up to delivery to the end user.

Resolving customer issues with our unique solutions

Since sea transportation from France would not meet the delivery deadline, we opt for air transportation to Narita Airport. Upon arrival at Narita Airport, we swiftly handle import customs clearance and local pick-up, and transport the goods via cost-effective trailers to Hokkaido’s Tomakomai Port by ferry. Upon arrival at Tomakomai Port, we store the goods within the premises of the transportation company, enabling us to deliver to the end user at the desired date and time.

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