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Case Study of export cargo storage (3PL) for a global chemical manufacturer

Warehousing 2023-05-25

Achieving hub function for global distribution by managing everything from inventory storage to export arrangements to various countries.

A foreign chemical product manufacturer was experiencing production line imbalances for export products that are made-to-order (MTO). They needed a system that would improve productivity and enable flexible responses to orders from export destinations.
We changed the made-to-order (MTO) products to made-to-stock (MTS) and stored them in our warehouse, allowing us to export according to the needs of the consignee in each destination country based on supply planning. Our system can allocate inventory to each destination country, and we can also provide labeling and distribution processing tailored to each destination country.

Resolving customer issues with our unique solutions

In addition to monthly inventory checks, we can also provide daily inventory reports to meet customer needs.


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