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CFS warehouse operations

Warehousing 2023-05-26

We have our own bonded warehouse and drayage services.

In consolidating cargo, multiple consignees are often included, demanding accuracy and speed in operations. Customers require a warehouse service that can provide stable operations regardless of seasonal fluctuations, with a devanning schedule that starts as soon as the ship arrives.
We offer comprehensive consolidating services leveraging our in-house drayage and customs clearance expertise.

Resolving customer issues with our unique solutions

With our own assets and know-how, we can provide scheduling that is not affected by seasonal fluctuations and achieve the shortest lead time possible. We have received high praise from our customers (direct shippers and forwarders). We can also provide DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) service from overseas export locations.

Useful information

We have compiled some useful information about international logistics, so please feel free to make use of it.


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