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Case Study of a supply chain for an automotive parts manufacturer

Import & Export Service 2023-05-31

Contributing significantly to the customer's production and logistics efficiency by playing a role in their supply chain.

The customer needs a 3PL (third-party logistics) service that can handle their global supply chain logistics (procurement logistics, production logistics), which involves exporting raw materials from Japan to their overseas production bases, importing the products produced there to Japan, and delivering them to their factories. They require high-level management skills for delivery date management that can respond to the automotive maker's Just-In-Time system.
By maximizing the use of our own assets and accumulated expertise, we provide high-quality services that contribute to a significant portion of the customer's global supply chain.

Resolving customer issues with our unique solutions

For the export of raw materials from Japan, we consolidate them in our warehouse, perform inspection, packaging, vanning, and customs clearance, transport them to the container yard via our own vehicles, and load them onto the ship. We also handle the complex logistics management, such as scheduling coordination with overseas factories, on behalf of our customers. For importing products from overseas, we provide consistent logistics services from local pickup, sea transportation, customs clearance, to container drayage (delivery).


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We have compiled some useful information about international logistics, so please feel free to make use of it.


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