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Case Study of Cross-border EC Businesses

Import & Export Service 2023-06-02

Recently, there has been a rapid expansion in the handling of goods on EC sites. Customers need a solution to import and customs clear the goods quickly and appropriately and deliver them to designated domestic warehouses.
For the customs declaration of EC goods, which has a different procedure than the normal import declaration, we have been handling it for about three years, consulting with customs to make appropriate declarations. We have also developed a system that can automatically calculate the declaration price, achieving quick and appropriate customs clearance to satisfy our customers.

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In addition, we perform cross-declarations from our Yokohama office to Tokyo and Osaka customs, and cooperate with partner companies to ensure speedy customs inspection and clearance. After obtaining the import permit, we use our own container drayage to deliver the goods to the customer’s designated warehouse quickly. Based on these experiences, we provide total services from document preparation to customs clearance and delivery, and ensure customer satisfaction.


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