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Case study of trilateral trade between Japan and India

International transport 2023-06-05

Contribution through schedule management and cost reduction.

This is a nomination case from our Malaysian agent, company D. It involves trilateral trade where Singapore's company C (trading company) has a sales contract with India's company B (importer), and the cargo is directly shipped from Japan's chemical manufacturer A (exporter) to India's company B (importer). Company C in Singapore has requested our Malaysian agent for competitive rates for ocean transportation from Japan to India, and also expressed the need for visibility of cargo location and schedule due to frequent disruptions in vessel movements.
Through our collaboration with shipping companies in Japan, we were able to obtain competitive rates and offer satisfactory prices to our customer. Additionally, we maintain close communication with the shipping companies to obtain up-to-date vessel movement information, and our Malaysian agent provides timely updates to Company C in Singapore on our behalf.

Resolving customer issues with our unique solutions

We have received feedback from our customers expressing appreciation for the speedy information sharing on vessel changes, schedule delays, transshipment status, and other updates, as it has been very helpful.

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