We provide consolidation services and warehouse services related to import and export as a hub for international logistics.

The Daikoku Center, located in a key location in the Keihin area, is a hub for our international logistics. As the Yokohama CFS, it provides consolidated services, as well as a range of warehouse services such as temperature-controlled products tailored to the characteristics of customers’ cargo and distribution processing for export destinations.

The benefits of using our company = Our strengths
  1. Handling a wide variety of cargoes

    We handle a wide range of cargoes including food, raw materials, and medical equipment, and incorporate cargo handling and storage methods tailored to the characteristics of each product, including temperature settings. We handle our customers’ valuable cargoes in a fully prepared state. Real-time management is conducted through systems such as WMS.

  2. Designated warehouse for other regulations

    Our Daikoku Center is registered as a bonded warehouse and a designated warehouse for animal quarantine for foreign cargoes, as well as for plant quarantine. It is possible to apply for and undergo quarantine inspections while remaining as the foreign cargo. If you have export or import cargoes that require quarantine inspections for plants or animals, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  3. Solving our customers’ logistics challenges

    Applying our extensive experience and specialized expertise in international logistics, we thoroughly analyze logistics flows and business issues from various angles to carefully resolve our customers’ logistics challenges.

Our services

Consolidation services

As the Yokohama CFS, we provide consolidated export and import services in our own warehouses. Our integrated service with our in-house drayage allows us to respond in the shortest possible time from arrival to devanning, even during peak periods. We are a designated warehouse for animal and plant quarantine, so we are also able to handle quarantine cargoes. We also offer export consolidation services in addition to import.

Distribution processing services

Ensuring the safe shipment of our customers’ cargo is essential to the logistics business. Prior to shipment, we carry out various tasks including inspection and distribution processing at our own warehouse with a thorough system in place. Inspection work is based on the customer’s product check sheet, and we inspect the products before shipment to avoid any problems after delivery. Additionally, we have a bonded warehouse function, allowing us to handle foreign cargo and perform product inspections, among other services.

Storage services for car tires

We provide a comprehensive warehouse services for imported car tires, including container handling (devanning operations), storage, and delivery to nationwide sales offices of import car dealers. To ensure we can quickly respond to frequent deliveries, we have implemented a WMS that enables us to provide customers with safe and timely delivery without slowing down the logistics process.

In addition, we also offer a service for storing tires after being exchanged for summer or winter use from car dealers and car accessory stores who are struggling to find space to store their tires. We have a system that enables us to collaborate with these dealers and stores and provide speedy response for inventory confirmation and order placement of inbound and outbound storage. We can also handle collection and delivery to designated locations.

Daikoku Center as a filming location

From the rooftop of our Daikoku Center, which faces the Bay Bridge, a symbol of Yokohama port, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Yokohama’s scenery. In addition, we offer ample parking space, versatile free space, and office space to be used for filming. We have cooperated in providing filming locations for numerous works, such as dramas, commercials, and promotion videos (PVs) for artists and music videos (MVs).

Biz flow

Import cargo

Export cargo

  • Devanning (Unloading) / Vanning (Loading)

    Our skilled employees take care of both unloading (removing cargo from shipping containers) and loading (packing cargo into shipping containers) in a precise and speedy manner.

  • Storage and Retrieval

    Our skilled employees take care of storage (incoming items), inspection, picking up items, packaging, sorting, and retrieval (outgoing items) for your precious items in a speedy and precise manner.

  • Keep in storage

    Through safekeeping practices refined over many years, we perform inventory control with temperature control (fixed temperature) and Warehouse Management System (WMS), and we will keep your precious items safe in our company warehouse.

  • Distribution Processing

    For the duration of the time we are safekeeping your items, we will take care of any distribution processing such as inspection, repacking, labeling, etc.

The spec of Daikoku Center

Our Daikoku Center is is a five-story bonded warehouse located in Daikoku, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City. It is a logistics center with high convenience and diverse functions, serving as a hub for international logistics.

【Advanced  fixed temperature/humidity warehouses 】

The Daikoku Center is perfect for items that need temperature control or humidity control, as three of the storage areas are equipped to have a fixed temperature and a fixed level of humidity. Temperature is kept between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius, while humidity is held steady at approximately 60%, making sure that the items stored inside are well protected.

Specifications of Daikoku Center

Gross floor space
18,552 m²
Temperature and humidity controlled space
1,378 m²(temperature (10 to 15 degrees C) and humidity (about 60%) )
Normal temperature space
17,174 m²
Ceiling height
5.15 m
High floor platform 12 lanes, Dock Leveler 9
Vertical conveyor lifter
3 (2-ton x 2, wing type)
3 (6-ton, 4-ton, For personnel

The spec of Isogo Center

Isono Center is a new warehouse completed in October 2022 in Isogo-ku, Yokohama City. The first floor serves as a B to C storage warehouse and serves as a hub for collecting and delivering e-commerce cargo to individual households and stores. On the second floor, mainly automobile tires for end users are stored, and it is operated as a temporary storage warehouse for summer and winter tires.

The spec of Isogo warehouse

Gross floor space
Ceiling height
High floor platform 4 lanes Dock boad 1
Vertical conveyor lifter
1 (1.5t)
1 (3.5t)

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