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International Multimodal Transport

One-stop International Transport service 
with domestic and overseas network

We offer Door to Door International Multimodal Transport service combining the best shipping modes for our customers by utilizing our worldwide network and high specialty. If you need any assistance for both domestic and international logistics arrangements including customs clearance, trucking and drayage, warehousing, marine and air transport etc., we would be happy to help you.

Benefits of our services

High-quality logistics with one-stop service

High-quality logistics with one-stop service

In order to meet our customers' needs, we suggest the best shipping mode by utilizing our international intermodal transport network and combining multiple shipping modes such as marine, air, land transport etc. With our abundant experience and knowledge over a 80-year period since our foundation, we strongly support our customers' global business by offering high-quality service considering the characteristics of each cargo.

Saving total cost of logistics

Saving total cost of logistics

By arranging all procedures as Door to Door intermodal service, from making documents to customs clearance and other arrangements, we can reduce total management cost of logistics. By asking us to arrange all the complicated procedures, our customers can make it simple and can save time and cost.

Forwarding service utilizing our asset

Forwarding service utilizing our asset

As NVOCC forwarding service, we can handle not only booking vessel, issuing B/L and A/N, but also handle accompanying procedures such as customs clearance, warehousing, container drayage, and trucking by our own asset. Especially, we have our own container drayage which has been difficult to reserve nowadays, so please rest assured and leave it to us. We offer total forwarding service using our own asset such as truck, warehouse, registered customs specialists etc.

Overseas network

We have exellent agencies around the world including China and Southeast Asia. We deliver our customers' precious cargos to the final destination with safety and confidence.

Overseas network Overseas network

Flow chart of International Multimodal Transport

We arrange international and domestic transport, import and export customs clearance, booking vessel, trucking and drayage etc. cooperating with overseas agencies mainly in Asia but all over the world. Combining the best shipping modes, we offer Door to Door multimodal transport for a variety of cargos such as food, chemical, machines etc. We can also arrange large cargos which are difficult to handle, so please feel free to ask us for any project. We would be happy to help you.

Flow chart of International Multimodal Transport Flow chart of International Multimodal Transport

An example

Here is an example that we delivered heavy cargo from Asia to Japan. We offered Door to Door intermodal transport service from pick up cargo overseas to installation at the site in Japan.

An example An example

Introduction of our logistics service in China

The outline of our logistics service using bonded area in China as an example of Door to Door service

In China, as a general rule, the business transaction is not allowed and the payment cannot be settled if physical distribuation and commercial distribution are different. However, if we use "Bonded Logistics Park", this type of business transaction can be handled. Bonded Logistics Park is customs controlled zone located in or nearby bonded area and is comprehensive bonded area which has functions of both bonded area and logistics park. The biggest feature is " it's regarded as export to bring in the cargo to Bonded Logistics Park, and regarded as import to bring out the cargo from there." By using this function, there's no need to export the goods to Hong Kong and re-import to China for VAT refund any more, and there is a great benefit of reducing lead time and cost.

[1] On the spot export / import

If a Japanese company which doesn't have office in China wants to store, distribute, buy and sell Chinese goods in China under their own company name, firstly they need to import the goods from China to Japan, secondly tranfer ownership of the goods to their company, and finally re-export the goods to China. Also, the vendor in China needed to export in order to get VAT refund. There is a way to simplify these export and import procedures, which is Bonded Logistics Park. When the goods are brought in to Bonded Logistics Park, it is regarded that the goods are exported from China and the ownership of the goods can be changed. And by bringing out the goods from Bonded Logistics Park in order to sell them in China, it is regared that the goods are imported to China. In this way, it is called "on the spot export / import", because it is regarded that the goods are exported and imported even if the goods are actually in the area in China.
・Reduction of cost and lead time because only inland transport is needed.
・Lower risk of cargo damage
・Foreign currency payment is available, since Bonded Logistics Park is considered to be foreign country.
・Even a company which doesn't have office in China, they can store the goods in bonded warehouse in China (without expiration date)
・By using Bonded Logistics Park, the procedures can be simplified not only when to resell finished goods but also when to resell semi-finished goods (primary products) produced by a contract manufacturing company in China to another contract manufacturing company in China.

On the spot export / import On the spot export / import

[2] Buyer's Consolidation

After consolidating multiple Chinese vendors' goods at Bonded Logistics Park, the goods are stored as non-resident assets which belong to the shipper in Japan, and when needed, the goods are loaded on marine container and exported to other countries including Japan by marine transport.
・Low cost storage
・Reduction of transport cost by consolidating goods
・Smooth import customs clearance arrangement in Japan CY

Buyer's Consolidation Buyer's Consolidation

[3] Stock & Delivery

After entering to China, the goods from Japan are stored as bonded goods, and the goods supplied by multiple vendors in China are also stored as bonded goods and as on the spot export goods. They are consolidated and stored in warehouse in Bonded Logistics Park under the name of Japanese shipper (Japan headquaters). When they get shipping order from selling place in China, they arrange import customs clearance and deliver the goods to selling places in China just in time. As the same flow, it is also possible to store the goods as vendor's asset and conduct VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory).
・Reduction of total logistics cost
・Improving cash flow by inventory optimization
・Reduction of customs clearance cost : at Bonded Logistics Park, when to go through customs clearance several times or when the amount of goods is small, they can be customs cleared all together by getting permission by customs.

Stock & Delivery Stock & Delivery

Our partners warehouse in China

We cooperate with excellent partners in China which have warehouse in Bonded Logistics Park. They handle various types of cargo, and they propose reduction of logistics cost and the optimal logistics scheme. Not only as warehousing function, but also processing (assembly) work, exhibition sales, and intermediate trade are available. Furthermore, they can handle various kinds of consultation such as matching companys and goods between Japan and China as trading company function, Chinese company's launching businesses in Japan, Japanese company's launching business in China etc. including legal issues.

【Our partner's warehouse in Dalian, China】

Our partners warehouse in China Our partners warehouse in China

Chart of our logistics service using our company's warehouse and our partner's warehouse in China

Chart of our logistics service using our company's warehouse and our partner's warehouse in China Chart of our logistics service using our company's warehouse and our partner's warehouse in China

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