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International Multimodal Transport

Our broad and unique domestic /
overseas networks enable door to door delivery.

As an international multimodal transport operator, we are in charge of all the process of international logistics including customs clearance, trucking, temporary storage at warehouse, freight forwarding, etc. You can outsource the entire cargo control to us.

Advantages for using DAIDO TRANS-PLANET


Corresponding to customers’ needs because of diversified transport methods

With full understanding of customers' needs, we always propose the optimum mode in the international transportation taking advantage of our premium and unique network service which combines multiple means of transportation, such as sea transport, air transport and land transportation.


Realization of a better sea shipping service and freight

In response to customers' requests, we negotiate with shipping companies and issue our own House B/L, so that we can help to achieve a better international multimodal shipping network to fit the special traits of their freight cargo.


Supporting trading procedures at the local side on behalf of customers.

Through our overseas agents, we will substantially provide services such as warehousing and trucking arrangements, various trading procedures etc. at the local side, and we will provide Door to Door international logistics service.

International Multimodal Transport Flow Chart

国際複合一貫輸送のフロー 輸出業務のフロー

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