International Multimodal Transport

We provide one-stop international logistics services through a robust domestic and overseas network.

We will propose a comprehensive international transportation service, Door to Door, combining the optimal transportation modes tailored to our customers’ needs, utilizing our robust global network and high expertise.
Our business offers all aspects of logistics services , including export/import customs clearance, transportation, warehousing, and intermediary trade, both domestically and internationally.
Please entrust us with all of your international logistics needs.

The benefits of using our company = Our strengths
  1. High-quality Door to Door One-stop Service

    Through our unique international transport network, we coordinate all processes from cargo pickup to sea and air transportation, local customs clearance and delivery, providing a one-stop service. We maintain close communication with trusted overseas agents to quickly obtain information and respond flexibly to any irregular situations that may arise. We offer high-quality logistics services tailored to the characteristics of our customers’ goods, including food, chemicals, machinery, textiles, and heavy goods, to strongly support our customers’ global businesses.

  2. Forwarding services utilizing our own assets

    We can provide competitive pricing proposals, transportation schedule guidance, vessel booking, B/L issuance, and A/N issuance, through collaboration with overseas agents and shipping companies, and we will respond flexibly to your needs. Furthermore,we can handle all aspects of transportation, including customs clearance, warehouse operations, container drayage, and trucking, using our own assets, so you can trust us with everything. We offer a total forwarding service that maximizes the use of our own assets.

  3. Cost reduction of total logistics cost

    Our comprehensive Door to Door transport service allows us to handle all necessary procedures, from document creation to export/import clearance, transportation, and other related procedures, under centralized management by our company. By doing so, we can contribute to reducing both administrative costs and overall logistics costs. Rather than dividing the process among multiple companies, such as using one company for ocean transportation, another for customs clearance, and a third for delivery, we ask our customers to consolidate all these complex procedures through a single point of contact with our company. This not only reduces logistics costs, but also simplifies the process for our customers, reduces their workload, and minimizes the time and effort required for logistics-related tasks.

Our services

  • FCL Container Shipping

    FCL stands for Full Container Load, which is a method of shipping where a single container is leased by one shipper for transportation. The type of container used varies depending on the size and type of cargo. The benefits of FCL include the reduced risk of damage to the cargo and shorter lead times. Our company can also arrange container loading and unloading in addition to transportation, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

  • LCL transport

    LCL stands for Less Than Container Load, which is a method of shipping in which multiple small shipments from different shippers are consolidated into a single container for transport. The advantages of LCL include the ability to transport cargo that does not fill an entire container and the elimination of the need for unloading arrangements. We offer LCL services utilizing our own bonded warehouse, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

  • Conventional Vessel Transport

    Conventional vessel transport is a method of transporting special cargo such as oversized or heavy cargo that cannot be loaded onto containers or to ports where container terminal facilities are not available. Conventional vessels are equipped with built-in cranes, making it possible to load and unload cargo safely and securely using those cranes. We can also arrange for conventional vessel transport, so please feel free to inquire about any type of cargo.

  • Air Transport

    It is the fastest transportation method and is suitable for urgent cargo. However, the transportation cost is higher than that of sea transport, and it is not suitable for transporting large quantities of goods. Nevertheless, it is ideal for transporting small quantities of high-value cargo (precision machinery, pharmaceuticals, etc.) or goods with a short shelf life (fresh produce, etc.) quickly and safely, with less turbulence than sea transport. We can arrange the pickup of your cargo and the appropriate export packing for air transport according to your cargo’s characteristics and requirements.

Intermediate trade

Intermediate trade is a type of trade in which a third-party intermediary is involved in the transaction between the exporter and importer. For example, if Japanese company A handles German company B’s products as a sales agent in the Asian region, and Japanese company A enters into a sales contract with Vietnamese company C, the products (goods) themselves are sent directly from German company B to Vietnamese company C, and the product price is paid by Vietnamese company C, the buyer and importer, to Japanese company A, the seller and exporter. Japanese company A also pays German company B. This results in a movement of goods and money that is different from a typical trade transaction.

Overseas network

We have established an international logistics network covering almost the entire world in collaboration with excellent agents in various countries and regions including China and Southeast Asia. We will deliver your valuable products safely and reliably to the designated location.

China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Oceania, United States, Europe and other regions.

Case Study

We will introduce examples of how Daido Trans-Planet cooperated with customers to solve their problems and improve their logistics.

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